A different way to enjoy the fun and competitive sport of bowling!
We have Laser Bowling every Saturday starting at 9:30 p.m.  Groups of 20 or more bowlers can reserve Laser Bowling for any day that we have lanes available.  We also do Laser bowling for birthday parties -- call for details.  Advance reservations made by phone are best to ensure that we can have a lane for you when you arrive.  You can Laser Bowl at any time after it starts, so you don't have to make your reservations for the starting time, however the center closes depending on how busy we are, so make sure you call to find out when lanes will be available.  Reservations can be made by calling (609) 882-0661 during our normal business hours (get a copy of our hours here). 
When you make reservations, be sure to give your name, the time you will be arriving at the bowling center, the number of people who will be bowling in your group, and whether you want to do Laser Bowling, or Laser Moonlighting.  We allow for a 10 minute grace period on reservations, so if you are running late, be sure to call so we can keep your lane reserved.  Any reservations not arriving within the 10 minute grace period will have their lane(s) given to the next group on the waiting list.
While you are bowling, you can also request songs from our music library.  We have a list of songs available at the front desk.  We ask that only the people bowling make requests (since they are the ones paying to bowl), and you only request two or three at a time.  We have many requests throughout the night, and try to play as many as possible.  So please, no repeat requests, and limit the number of songs you request until the first ones are played.  Also please be considerate of your fellow bowlers -- not everyone has the same musical tastes that you do, so try to request appropriate songs to ensure that we will play them, and everyone will enjoy hearing them, we also reserve the right to play CD's brought in by people at our own discretion.
As mentioned above, you can do either Laser Bowling, or Laser Moonlighting while you are here.  Laser Bowling is just like regular open bowling (except we have the lights and music, of course!)  You can bowl as many games as you want and the cost is only $4.50 per game per person..  If you are a member of our Ten Pin Club (ask at the desk for details) the cost is only $2.50 per game per person. If you are aCollege Student the cost is only $2.25 per game per person.  Laser Bowlers also can also win coupons for free Laser Bowling games.  Every lane will have colored pins in the rack, when the red pin comes up as the head pin, let one of our employees know before you bowl.  If you get a strike with that red head pin, you win the coupon.  You can use coupons that night, or save them for next time.
The other form of Laser Bowling that we have is Laser Moonlighting.  If you ever Moonlight Bowled before, this is the same thing (except for the lights and music).  When you Laser Moonlight, you bowl three games on a pair of lanes.  Each lane has three colored pins in the rack, and you can win money if you get a strike or a split with a certain combination of colored pins.  You must let an employee know that you have a money shot before you bowl.  Laser Moonlighting is $20.00 per person, which covers the cost of the three games, and the prize money.
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